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To form a fraternity comprising of all former students, that strives towards a common goal of living up to the standards of Sai principles by being an integral part of the school and its activities and to achieve in unity, the goals of service and love for all, at all times

N e w s   L e t t e r s

Welcome to the Diwali newsletter
Dear Friends, Sai Ram!
October is the month of "Light" and Light signifies joy. It brings new colors to the trees (the Fall colors In America) and a season for celebrations… cause it brings us our most loving festival, Diwali (the festival of lights). It is the day that doesn't distinguish between a child and an adult…all equally immersed in their taste of fireworks from sparklers to rockets, the joy one feels is the same. What a wonderful occasion to release the October newsletter! This edition has a special feature about our web site lots of new additions are in the making…. Keep watching the pictures section cause it is being updated very regularly..

Our becomes bigger, bolder and more beautiful

New additions to our Website
Athidi Devobhava!!
I. Guest Book is open for any visitor to the website.
II. Open discussion panel in the members section.
III. New photos in our photo gallery.
IV.  Members can now edit their existing profile and also change their password.

Service Activities sponsored by our contribution every month.
College Education for the adopted children:
The contribution is being accumulated towards the payment of college fee (Intermediate) for the adopted children who are going to finish their X std this academic year.
Occasionally, it is also used for Monthly Medical Camps at remote villages of vizag. There are about 27 villages in and around Banadi village with out proper health care. The villagers had to go to a place called "Kottavalasa" which is about 22 kms for proper medical care.
With the successful completion of Banadi Water Project by the Vizag Youth, all the infrastructure is in place for medical camps. Banadi will be the center of medical camps in future.
On October 1st with His grace, we conducted the first medical camp at Banadi village.

SOS activities at vizag
Juvenile House Service :
Some of the old students are going to juvenile house service. All the students over there are in need of pens. So we planned to provide them pens from our school. We spoke with Kousalya mam regarding that. she spoke in the assembly about this and we are collecting all the old pens that we throw away once we use them and filling in ink or a rifle into it and providing them. It will be very helpful to all of the students over there. We also wanted to put up a notice regarding this on the SOS corner. Refills for the pens are being purchased with the SOS funds.

Preparations for Drama at Puttaparthi:
The school children (about 50 participants) are presenting a drama at our beloved Lord's feet on November 15. This has only been the second time in our School's history and is a rare blessing for teachers and students alike. Several of our oldies (girls) are lending a helping hand in the preparations for the dramas making costumes, garments, ornaments etc.

Recent School Achievements:
I.   Out of 27 schools, our school won the best participation award and the first prize in the chinmaya mission which is send to be a very prestigious competition held very rare.
II.   We stood first in the quiz conducted by the institute of oceanography held at Green Park. We could win this prize by out beating all the prestigious institutions in our city like Timpany, Viskhavalley and other C.B.S.E schools in vizag.
III.   We stood second in BHARAT VIKAS PARISHAD. It is a singing competition held every year.

Very interesting news for all of us!
The Ushodaya junction is planned to be changed to Sathya Sai Junction and our school emblem will be constructed in the center of the road along with the lotus symbol that we have in our school. The samithi is negotiating the permission with the officials.
The permission from the R.T.C. authorities is in process and swami's quotations will be written on all the R.T.C. busses and the entire auto's in vizag. This is estimated to cost them RS 10000. The quotation's that are being written are

Swami's quotes for Diwali
I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster

You cannot see Me, but I am the Light you see by.
You cannot hear Me, but I am the Sound you hear by.
You cannot know Me, but I am the Truth by which you live.

Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the language of the heart.

Yesterday has deceived you and gone, tomorrow is a doubtful visitor. Today is a fast friend, hold fast to it. - Baba


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