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To form a fraternity comprising of all former students, that strives towards a common goal of living up to the standards of Sai principles by being an integral part of the school and its activities and to achieve in unity, the goals of service and love for all, at all times

N e w s   L e t t e r s

Career Guidance Bonanza - 2001
The success story repeats again!!! Helping current students choose the right career path has always been one of the core objectives of SOS. The annual career guidance program is a step towards realizing this goal. The program previously involved only presentations by alumni from several walks of life ending with a QA session involving the current and ex-students. Improving over previous years, SOSians at home organized this year’s program in a novel fashion. With over forty participants, it was more special and meaningful with the enthusiastic participation of many parents and teachers. A special session was dedicated to parents and Dr. Srinivas, a reputed pediatrician & cardiologist was invited to apprise regarding higher education at Puttaparthy. Interesting stats evolved from the program, reflecting the palpable lack of information to students:

  • 75% of attended students were still undecided about which career they would pursue.
  • The majority of the rest opted to become either a doctor or an engineer.
  • SOS hopes to improve the situation by enhancing information sharing and interaction with alumni.

SOS plays pivotal role in Service initiatives :
SOS members at home are truly living up to the principles that were inculcated at school. Commendable participation of SOSians in many service activities organized by Sai Youth in Vizag is propelling interest not only in current students but also the alumni abroad. A few of the several Seva projects in which SOS played a vital role include:

  • Orphan Children Service
  • Hospital Service (KGH & Mental Hospital)
  • Medical Camps
  • Village service
  • Mandir service
  • Special service during festivals
  • Offerings of Love: SOS members abroad are making humble contributions by collecting and sending about $ 200 a month towards service activities organized at home.
  • Some SOSians in the USA have been very fortunate to be in the physical fabric of the Sai centers. Equipped with the experience and exposure gleaned at school, our old students are taking leading roles in several activities ranging from bhajans and spiritual retreats to seva projects and workshops in places like Baltimore, California and Houston. More information regarding the service activities and avenues for participation can be obtained by writing to

Still impressing the teachers..!
The SOS takes special pride in recounting that the members continue to impress the teachers. The SOSians have won the hearts of one and all in their consistent commitment and participation in all major school activities. The most recent was the key role played by the alumni during the Parthy trip.
Noteworthy was the assistance provided by SOSians towards the drama that won laurels for our school. SOS wishes to thank our principal for her encouraging remarks on SOS, "They add spice to any program".

Garnishing our home in the Cyberworld
Our webhome is being refurbished at full pace. The ever-increasing number of new registrants and page hits has motivated the web team to enrich the site. Regular updates to the site reflect the highly upbeat moods of SOSians. Exciting competitions between the four houses are underway and many more fabulous plans are in the pipeline. The site is being modeled upon the reflections of the opinions of the SOS members. So check out the Message board and the photo sections and enjoy being a part of the dream project. All current students, alumni and teachers are requested to register online and enjoy the site. The message board is an excellent place to interact with other members, share ideas and communicate with other SOSians.

Notable notes
Two 1992 graduates from SSSVV have accepted positions in ORACLE (N.Srikanth,India) and LSIL, California (B.Usha Rani)
Our most active SOS member Ramani of 1991 Batch has been married to Lokam Sridhar.
Congratulations to each one of you!


  • 'Spandana', our magazine that is offered annually to Swami is in the making. Please send articles, stories, poems or any experience to Points will be awarded to your house on the website. So, hurry up and win some points for your house! Current students and all SOSians are eligible for this.
  • SOSians in India are planning to initiate a new service program for juvenile kids in an observation home at Vizag. Opportunities for alumni and current students in service projects will be announced in the forthcoming newsletter.
  • Kindly share with SOS, Birthdays, accomplishments or other important occasions in your life. Meet and greet your friends at our website. You may mail info to
  • Efforts are underway to solicit our beloved teachers to join us at our webhome. The proposed feature enables members to view teacher profiles at our web site and is hoped to open doors to new ideas of interaction between teachers and all students.

Be like the lions in the spiritual field, rule over the forest of the senses and roam fearlessly with full faith in victory -Baba

Year 2011 summary and news letter

Om Sri Sai Ram

Since its inception, Students of Sai (fondly S.O.S.), has been spreading the message of our beloved Bhagawaan through events big and small. The events, though being driven by a solemn motto, are never bereft of fun and frolic. Here is an update of the events S.O.S took up in the year 2011.

Farewell to retiring teachers
We started this year by bidding warm and emotional adieu to our beloved Savitri teacher and Rajyalakshmi teacher who retired on the 30th of June. The event included presenting our teachers with tokens of our love and a few of us had the chance of expressing our gratitude in words to them. All of us received bountiful blessings from our gurus.

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini
Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini, Swami’s pet project, is the renaissance of the contemporary education. A team of volunteers from all across the globe put aside a lot of their work and came forward to serve Swami through this initiative and were involved in making power-point presentations, lesson plans and web hosting. These documents are infused with value-based curriculum that will be sent all over the world for the dissemination of Educare along with education.

Service Activities
Swami’s birthday is always a time to celebrate and spread joy to our fellow beings. Students of Sai took up two service activities for the occasion. The first activity was willed by Him on the 20th of November when two groups of students visited the PAPA home (an orphanage) and the juvenile home. They interacted with the inmates, distributed samosas and other items they needed. All the volunteers who went there came back home with eyes filled with tears of joy and the warmth of brotherly love brimming in their hearts. The second activity was on Swamis birthday, 23rd November. A group of students visited the Prema Samajam (an orphanage and an old age home located at Dabagardens). The students spoke to the inmates there and distributed Prasadam. On the request of the inmates, they also did Bhajans.

Career Guidance Workshop
A career guidance workshop was organized by S.O.S on the 24th of December to help out their juniors to choose the right track so that they can not only winners, but also be achievers. The volunteers who came in from different batches of our school coordinated the events as one big team. It was a wonderful sight to see all the volunteers helping out each other in making the arrangements. The following careers were discussed: hotel management, architecture, teaching, multimedia, commerce, fashion designing, engineering, journalism, entrepreneurship and careers at Puttaparthi. Our teachers and the parents greatly appreciated this.

The year was thus eventful, enthusiastic and energetic and we look forward to better ones in the future.

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