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To form a fraternity comprising of all former students, that strives towards a common goal of living up to the standards of Sai principles by being an integral part of the school and its activities and to achieve in unity, the goals of service and love for all, at all times

N e w s   L e t t e r s

June and July, together we fly..!
Dear Friends,

Sai Ram! While each one of us was busy beating the heat this summer, there was so much happening at home and abroad. As new developments at our school unfolded in splendor, nostalgia struck the oldies living away from home. Thanks to the infectious spirit and zeal of our kin in India and the US, we are evolving into a vibrant clique. Dive into the news below and discover how much fun it is to be a SOS

School Day Ushers the New Millennium with a bang!
It is indisputable that the most awaited event at school is the School Day. Some of us cherish it for the time it took us away from books and class, while some treasure it more for the pomp and beauty of the splendorous parade and colorful cultural shows. As delightful memories of our own school days’ continue to linger with us, let us glimpse at the excitement of this year’s function.

Our beloved principal madam, Mrs. Prameela Abburi was given a splendid farewell. The VUDA vice-chairman was our Chief Guest. The event was sparked off by our traditional ‘Veda Patthanam’ followed by the Principal's address, Convener's speech and the Chief Guest's address. The ceremony included felicitations to madam by the distinguished guests, our teachers, college staff, current students, and old students. The memento awarded to madam on behalf of SOS was very special. It was a poem written by Kiran printed and laminated onto a beautiful background of roses. As the poet read out the eulogy, Vinay presented the souvenir to madam.

Later, madam formally inducted our most awaited magazine titled 'SPANDHANA'. [All oldies will be receiving this soon].

The SOS award this year, for 'Best Analytical Abilities', was conferred upon Mr. Arjun of '98-99 class. After the Vote of Thanks, SOS literally stole the show. The long hours of dedicated practice manifested into a gorgeous performance. Our beloved oldies in Vizag enacted an insightful skit titled 'Vidya Vinayae Sampannae' meaning 'The End of Education is Character'.

Briefly, as two parents (Ganesh and Arun) wonder about where to admit their sons after school, another parent (Vinay) approaches them and narrates how his son (Sai Preetam- played by Kiran) with good character succeeds at an interview after the completion of his MBA at Parthy. While Sai Preetam remains composed and perseveres the delay at the interview, other attendees( Subbarayalu, Shastri ‘n’ Chandu) smoke and make noise in exasperation. Finally, when the Board of Directors (Aruna Kumari and Vamsi) disclose that Sai Preetam was selected because of his personality and character, the hitherto confused parents decide to admit their sons at Parthy. The skit was immediately followed by a mime by girls from SOS, depicting how the society (ill and unhealthy) could be transformed by a group of 5 Doctors (Sai students; Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa). Next, the oldies presented a song specially prepared by SOS for the occasion of School Day. Leaving the crowds amidst a spirit of jubilation, all the SOS members advanced to the Mandir for a snap session. (Snaps follow)!

Projects Galore
Our school has recently refurbished its Public Address System with state of the art gadgets in music hardware. Thanks to the first contribution from SOS, the school now commences each day on a mellifluous note with divine music played every morning before classes. We all can now treat ourselves to resounding melodies in our cylindrical edifice of wisdom.

With the new system that includes complete internal wiring and equipped mixer and amplifier, there will be no need to carry microphones and amplifiers. Superior sound emission is now made possible through the six new speakers fixed on the two floors.

When announced in the school assembly as a gift from SOS, the whole school resonated with applause for the oldies. Cheers SOS! Keep the good work going!

Among the six adopted children who appeared for tenth exams, four excelled with a first class while two trailed by just seven marks. The highest was 98%. SOS hopes to make a difference in the lives of needy students and looks forward to supporting the noble cause. SOS is keen to sponsor study and living for two of the adopted kids through its second contribution.

With a dual aim to become intimate to our Goldies (current students) and to stimulate creativity and competitiveness in them, SOS has recently piloted a small project using the space provided on the school’s notice board. Few questions were posted, a drop box was provided and answers were solicited from the students. Overwhelming response from students of all classes has motivated SOS into taking up a long-term project for such skill building activities at school. Plans are underway for designing more structured and time bound competitions targeted at specific classes. Apart from the above project, informative articles are being posted periodically.

Thoughts for the months
"The heart with compassion is the temple of God" - Baba
"Have constructive thoughts, consoling words and compassionate acts" - Baba

NOTE: All members of SOS and other readers are requested to send us questions, comments, interesting articles, new ideas or other contributions. Please also send your birthdays, your friends’ birthdays, anniversaries and other notable events to us at

We strongly urge all the oldies to participate. You can choose to contribute to any of the current projects or suggest new ones. Come, join the Students of Sai Family and share the fun!


3rd T.V.S.H. Rama Krishna 1995-96
3rd R.Lalitha 1996-97
4th B.V.S.Purnima
7th A.V.S.Madhavi 1994-95
7th P.V.Vamsi Krishna 1995-96
10th T.K.H.Prabhav 1989-90
22nd J.Prathima 1999-00
23rd G.Vasantha Lakshmi 1995-96
24th T.Raman 1994-95

1st H.Reena Gowri 1994-95
3rd C.Gowri 1992-93
5th P.Bhanu Smita 1995-96
7th M.Sadhana 1993-94
7th M.Roopa 1999-00
10th K.Ramya 1999-00
14th B.Satish 1999-00
19th T.G.Phani Lakshmi 1993-94
22 nd B.Sai Vineela 1996-97
24 th B.N.Prashanthi
27th R.N.Sangita 1999-00

We welcome the new principal Mrs. Kausalya and the new vice-principal Mr. Poornand. Dear Madam and Sir, we sincerely wish, hope and pray for a productive tenure and look forward to constructive collaboration with the school under your leadership.

As Vinay Kumar heads his way to Texas for his masters, Arun Kota will assume responsibility of keeping us together at Vizag.

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